ManageEngine® ADManagerPlus Replace Program

“I’ve been struggling to get the ManageEngine products since we purchased configured, and I’ve been pretty unhappy with them every step along the way, from sales, to support, to the product itself. They have a money back guarantee, so I’m considering cutting my losses.

From an SMB IT Director


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“Cayosoft initially looked more expensive, but after we added everything up we actually saved money”
From an IT Manager

Cayosoft Administrator ADManagerPlus® Replacement Program

Most legacy Active Directory Management Tools were designed and built more than 15+ years ago. Because of their age most of these products were not built to take full advantage of PowerShell or modern web services. Cayosoft Administrator was built with modern technologies and the issues that face the current generation of Active Directory owners. If you just need basic delegation over Active Directory then Cayosoft Administrator is even Free.

Why Cayosoft and Why now?
Cayosoft is ready for Hybrid and Cloud. Cayosoft Administrator is the only solution that can provide a single complete management product that manages On-premises, Cloud and Hybrid Microsoft platforms in a single product. Moving to Hybrid our Cloud means learning and deploying great new services like Azure AD Connect and ADFS. You should not have to struggle with legacy AD management tools that barley work and that require a patchwork of scripts, add-on commands, add-ons modules, complex workflows or extra databases, but do not add much to Security, Efficiency or Compliance.  Cayosoft has the answer… the ManageEngine Replacement Program.


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