Cayosoft Licensing

Cayosoft product have a built-in trial key that will enable a full functioning trial of our product when installed in your environment. Each product trail lasts for a period of 15 days from the time of installation at which time the trial will end. At the end of the trial the user will be asked to choose between switching the product to Freeware mode or installing a license that you purchase from Cayosoft. If you require additional time to evaluate our product please contact our sales group and they can provide an extended license.

Cayo License Types

AD Tools Freeware Mode: Default behavior when trial period has ended yet no license has been installed.  Freeware mode enables a smaller subset of the Free Trial or the Purchased Product’s for Active Directory functionality; but it is Free to use. For more information check our our Freeware Mode page.

Free Trial License: Fully functional product. All Active Directory products come with an embedded trial license. When the trial period expires, the product will prompt for a purchased license, extended trial license or switch to Freeware mode.

Extended Trial License: Fully functional product license that has an end date at which time the product goes into AD Tools Freeware mode.
(Extended trial keys are typically not needed because each product comes with an embedded Free Trail license.)

Perpetual License: When a perpetual license is loaded into the product, the products full functionality is enabled.

Subscription License: Fully functional product license that has a one year expiration date at which point the customer must renew or the product will revert to AD Tools Freeware mode.


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