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Cayosoft Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is here to assist you for specific issues involving Setup, Troubleshooting and How to perform certain configuration tasks.

Cayosoft Administrator


Cayosoft Administrator Requirements

How to determine which versions and service pack levels of the Microsoft .NET Framework are installed

How to install Remote Active Directory Tools (RSAT)

Cayosoft Administrator Required Components

How to determine current PowerShell version

Microsoft IIS Server Role Configuration Details

Testing Cayosoft Administrator Web Portal with a Self-Signed SSL Certificate



Cayosoft Console: Enabling Cayosoft Administrator Console Logging

Cayosoft Console: Cayosoft Administrator query parameter values

Cayosoft Console: Troubleshooting Cayosoft Administrator Service Connection Issues

Cayosoft Service: Troubleshooting Cayosoft Administrator failed to execute a Command

Cayosoft Web Portal: Web Portal data grid displays incorrect characters

Cayosoft Web Portal: Troubleshooting Cayosoft Administrator Self-Service 4.0

Cayosoft Web Portal: Web portal data grid column display odd characters on Internet Explorer

Cayosoft Console:  Configuring Cayosoft Administrator SMTP Server Settings

Active Directory Connection: Troubleshooting Cayosoft Administrator Active Directory DC Connection Issues

Office 365 Connection: Troubleshooting Cayosoft Administrator’s Connection to Office 365


Office 365 Connection: Troubleshooting Office 365 Remote PowerShell Session Errors


Exchange Connection: Enable Mailbox for AD User in child domain fails

Exchange Connection: Troubleshooting Cayosoft Administrator Exchange On-premises Connections



Enabling Cayosoft Administrator Console Logging

SQL Server: Configure SQL Server Connection for Cayosoft Administrator

Modify Cayosoft Administrator Web Portal Home Page (KB 20160106-1)

How to move the Administrator Database to a new server

Change the Cayosoft Web Admin Session Time-out

How to configure cross domain Dynamic Group Membership


Cayosoft Suspend


Configuration details for Suspend by Date, Scheduled Undo Suspend and Suspend Expired Accounts

Cayosoft Suspend Freeware Mode Features

Cayosoft Suspend Initial Install Permissions

Append existing attribute values to update value

How to enable logging for Cayosoft Suspend

How to reset the Cayosoft Suspend Configuration