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Cayo Suspend™

Cayo Suspend for Active Directory empowers administrators to efficiently and accurately suspend user or groups preventing costly security and compliance violations. The tool is simple to deploy and easy to use and requires no heavy service or infrastructure.

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Free Trial - Fast and Accurate Deprovisioning

  • Simple to Install and Use
  • Right-click Suspend, Right-click Undo
  • 30, 60 or 90 day deletion of permanently deprovisioned users or groups
  • Enforce Administrative best practices for your entire team
  • Streamline user & group cleanup projects (Perfect for Pre-migration cleanup)
  • Permanently deprovision user & groups & tag them for permanent deletion after a retention period
  • Pre-create, populate and active new users & groups when they are needed
  • Investigate a group without denying administrative/help desk access to the group’s membership
  • Deactivate a group, but have the time to cleanup resources that reference the group
  • Can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Identity Life Cycle Manager or other IDM solutions
  • Support provided during Free Trial

Cayo Suspend is a module of Cayo Administrator. Cayo Administrator simplifies and automates IT in modern Active Directory environments. Cayo Administrator is comprised of modules that are purpose-built to solve critical day-to-day management issues.


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