Free Active Directory Tools from Cayosoft

Free Active Directory Tools

Unlike other companies that provide Free Active Directory tools we embed our Free Active Directory tools directly into our commercial products.  By embedding our Free Active Directory tools you benefit (rather than our marketing department) from our core expertise that is focused on solving real world directory and identity challenges. Another benefit of embedding our Free AD tools is that they are maintained and updated frequently so they won’t be posted and forgotten by us.

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Active Directory Tools

Free Active Directory Features

Cayosoft Suspend Client  -and- Reporting with Output to E-mail, HTML or CSV Text Files


 Free Active Directory Tools

Differences between Free Trial and Freeware Tools Mode When you install any of our products they automatically begin a 25 day Free Trial period; this is a fully functional trial. At the end of the 25-day free trial you will be asked to purchase a license or continue in Free Active Directory Tools mode (called Free Mode).

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