Whats New Cayosoft Administrator 3.1

What’s New in Administrator 3.1.x


█ What’s New

Administrative Units

AdministrativeUnitsAdministrative Units are sets of queries that can be used to represent administrative boundaries and simplify day-to-day tasks within the Cayosoft Administrator Web Portal. Administrative Portal users must first be delegated the correct Role membership to see any of the built-in Administrative Units.

The out-of-the-box Administrative Units include, Active Directory, My Organization, Microsoft Office 365 and Self-Service. Additional Administrative Units can be constructed to mirror existing Active Directory Organizational Units (OUs) or to create new types of management boundaries that cut across multiple OUs.

Expanded Hybrid Capabilities

New capabilities in both the Automation Console and the Web Administration Portal, make Cayosoft Administrator the most complete solution for Active Directory, Exchange, Hybrid and Office 365 Management and the #1 solution for Microsoft hybrid deployments.

Self-Services Password Management

Self-Service Password Management empowers users to change existing passwords, reset forgotten passwords and unlock their accounts themselves so that issues are resolved without costly delays or expensive calls to the help desk.

Self-Service Group Management

Self-Service Group Management allows end-users or application owners to quickly update important groups. In addition to being more efficient, self-service group management improves compliance and security by allowing the data owner to make important access decisions while simultaneously eliminating expensive and time consuming calls to admins or to the help desk.

Self-Service Expiring Account Management

When contractor or other subordinate accounts are no longer used, these accounts become a security threat as seen in both the Target Inc. and US OPM Breaches. With Contractor & User Account Over site, Cayosoft empowers the person responsible for those accounts to be notified and required to renew the account according to policy or permanently deactivate the account.

█ List of Items by ID

Setup / Upgrade

230 Enhanced support for Federated environments

290 Improved license installation

381 Improved control over group type & scope

416 Hybrid trial license now  includes creation of Office 365 users

431 Domain Controllers selection simplified

437 If Office 365 is enabled during setup, SMTP settings are automatically set to use them.

438 Update Office 365 account requirement notation

440 Additional checking of ASP.NET 4.0 configuration performed during Admin Web Portal Setup.

New: Web Interface Settings Page for configuration of IIS Server Base URL used in notifications.

401.2 New: SQL Server Configuration Page added to Utilities Extension

443 Updated license link wording

499 Improved retention of user settings on upgrade

503 Open Web Configuration Page on initial launch of Cayosoft Administrator Console

476 List upgraded rules in windows event log

507 Web Configuration Page wording clarified

567 Component Version information display Configuration > General

569 Preview returns no results when returned object set greater than 300 objects

629 Automatic installation & configuration of IIS and Web Portal

Administrative Web Interface

248 Suspend Command for Office 365 Users

348 Enable Mailbox Auditing added for Exchange and Office 365 Mailboxes

402 Rename User Action added with options

408 Resolved: Creation of Hybrid User fails to populate Postal Code in Office 365

412 Customer enhancement request

414 Out-of-Office management tab (Customer enhancement request)

415 Active Directory Custom Attributes Tab User Properties

421 Hybrid mode interface enhancements

422 Add user to AD Group Action confirmation message enhancement

435 New Web Action: Rename User Active Directory Users or Hybrid Users

439 Button alignment improved on SMTP Address Page

448.1 Unlock Account Action added to User Properties Page

448.2 Locked Out Accounts Web Query

448.3 Inactive Accounts Web Query

448.4 Suspend Office 365 User Web Action

448.5 Update mail attribute during creation of Active Directory Groups

448.6 Rename Distribution Group Action

448.7 Rename Contact from Properties Page

448.8 Drop-down list of descriptions for new Computer Objects

448.9 Copy Administrative Views (Groups of Web Queries)

458 Enable Mailbox Action (Customer enhancement request)

459 Customer enhancement request

468 Customer enhancement request

452 @ Symbol in display name prevented when create Shared Mailbox

454 Resolved: Suspend Office 365 User name not displayed in execution history

455.1 Administrative Views

455.2 Administrative Views Object Pickers scope set to Web Query Scope

455.3 Administrative Views Web Actions scope set to Web Query Scope

455.4 Administrative Views token

455.5 Administrative Views Web Actions Scope added

455.2.1 Use Web Query Scope (Limit to this domain or OU)

455.2.2 Use (Web Query Default OU for New User)

455.2.3 Use (Web Query Default OU for New Group)

455.2.4 Use (Web Query Default OU for New Computer)

455.2.5 Use (Web Query Default OU for New Object)

455.6 Administrative Views Sort Order re-defined

455.7 Web Action order can be configured by administrator

456.1 My Organization Administrative View added

456.2 Locked-Out Accounts Web Query View added to My Organization Administrative View

456.3 Inactive Accounts Web Query View added to My Organization Administrative View

457 Customer enhancement request

458 New Web Action: Enable Mailbox for Active Directory and Hybrid Users

467 Enhanced hybrid account lookup

469 Improve Default Group scoping

473 New User Action password display options added (Customer enhancement request)

483 Option button color (Customer enhancement request)

485 Shared Mailbox Action Remote Routing improvement

488 New Shared Mailbox Action defaults values improved

491 Clone user improvements

494 Group Naming Prefix

496 New User Action, custom options field label added

500 Hybrid Group Creation

501 Skype for Business Internal Communications Only Policy

504 Rename command for Administrative Units

509 My Company Directory (Self-Service Phone Directory)

510 Suspend Office 365 User improved error Office 365 handling

515 Improvements in mailbox properties dialog box, when on-premises exchange not present

530 Office 365 License Dialog

533 Improvements to Account Info

534 Mailbox Sharing, Roles & Retention Policy

536 Group Settings Improvements

537 Group Settings Improvements

539 Mailbox name generation policy creates groups with long names

544 New Distribution Group sets Managed by to current user

552 Invalid required item flag on each property page tab

553 Updated Object Picker for Distribution group

554 Improved Change History for groups

568 Mailbox Policies

573 Default computer’s option search scope expanded

577 Unix/Linux User Properties

578 Improved cross-domain experience for Object Picker

579 Alias prefix settings in configuration rule

582,585,586,587 Web queries support for domain controller targeting

584 Clone user recipient issue resolved

588 Option to automatically set group creator as Managed By

589 Additioanal SamAccountName length controls

592 New Distribution Group – Naming Message

595 Password Visibility

597 Clone user command linked to AD User query by default

598 Enable Mailbox command linked to AD User query by default

599 msExchRemoteRecipientTypeDetails support for additional types

600 Web Portal Sign-on Page background selection

601 Suspend Office 365 User Enhancment

604 User creation requested license when extension disabled

606 Option for further integration with Exchange

609 New User Creation Messaging

610 Validate Office 365 Domain names

611 Password Generation Options in configuration node

613 Large security descriptor behavior when user password reset

616 License selection dialog box improvement

619 Legacy Support for IE 9 improved

626 Issue Resolved: Rename fails to updates all desired fields

642 UserPrincipalName Option Added

643 Issue Resolved: Dialog order for IE9 resolved

645 Issue Resolved: New mailbox option missing for some installations

648 Issue Resolved: Extra space in Contact name

651 New Change Name Action

670 Adjustments to Resource Mailboxes



Core Commands & Utilities

446 Import from SQL Server Custom Where Statement option added

520 AD Groups command, improved support for LDAP

435 Rename User Command Added for Active Directory

640 CC: BCC: added to Email Options


342.1 Delegation Name field added to Delegation Rules (Customer enhancement request)

342.2 Copy Delegation Rule command added

463 Delegation Details can now be collapsed showing admin 5x more delegation rules simultaneously


116 Change Output Type added from Rules Forms (Customer enhancement request)

299 Resolved: License meta data retention

381 Filtering improvement for Office 365 User | Assign License

293 Customer enhancement request

398 Microsoft Dirsync/Active Directory Connector Integration

401.1 Import SQL Data | Create AD Users rule added

420 Confirmed that LastDirSyncTime works as expected to update status from In Cloud to Synced from Active Directory

426.1 Update Rule Import SQL Data | Create AD Users additional options added for Active Directory Account Settings

426.1 Text file | Create AD Users additional options added for Active Directory Account Settings

465 Updated Rule: AD Users Account About to Expire to show only enabled user accounts

471 Send E-mail report improvement

472 AD Organizational Units | Set Display Name to Parent & Child filtering improvements

474 Copy Administrative Units

475 AD Organizational Units | Set Display Name to Parent and Child display name added to properties

477 Customer enhancement request

481 AD Users | DirSync User Mapping Rule

484 Dynamic Attribute Custom Field Mappings

497 Office 365 Users | Enforce License filtering improvement

498 AD Users | Enable Remote Mailbox, performance improved

499 Customer enhancement request

502 AD Users | Enable Remote Mailbox, filtering updated

512 Bulk creation template – Create AD Groups updated

523 Office 365 Users | Enforce License improvements


541 Output Type: Send Report displays too much detail

542 Office 365 Mailboxes with Forward Set filtering improved

545 Group Self-Service Manager Notification

547 Simplified Group Membership Dialog box

555 Suspend Office 365 User Rule Improvement

568 Mailbox Policy Settings

605 Update Rule: Office 365 Users Inactive

612 Improved SQL connection check

618 Updated Office 365 License Enforcement & Validation Rules

620 Issue resolved: SQL Connection will only return > 1 record

621 Update: Suspend of expired Accounts update

625 Migration category label added to rules

633 Criteria added to AD Users | Create Exchange Mailboxes rule

635 Updated Rules with additional server/credential options

637 AD User | Dynamic Relocation rule

659 Set Proxy Address Rule Update



Dynamic Groups

342.3 Dynamic Group Query Name added to Membership Rules

342.4 Copy Dynamic Group Membership Rule command added

424 Dynamic Groups Preview Membership count added

574 Dynamic Group default button set to filter


451.1 Administrative Units (Self-Service & My Organization)

451.2 Self-Service Web Queries

464.1 Self-Service Password Management

464.2 Self-Service Group Management

464.3 Self-Service Subordinate Management

464.4 Self-Service Vendor Account Over site

509 Self Service Phone Directory

578 Improved cross-domain experience for Object Picker

654 Multiple Distribution List Owners





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