Coreview Replacement Offer

Organizations are Switching to Cayosoft 

As of August 2020, hundreds of thousands of Coreview®  licenses have been replaced or displaced by Cayosoft! 


Even after the 2020 rush to the cloud, just 10% of organizations are cloud-onlySo why buy management solutions designed only for the cloud?   


“We had a subscription with CoreView, but they simply didn’t have the functionality we needed so we decided not to renew our agreement with them and instead went with Cayosoft.” 

Sr. Directory & Messaging Owner


Enterprise-Ready Management and Automation

Cayosoft helps you manage both your legacy Microsoft environment and the cloud-based environment you’re most reliant on today – all in one reliable suite!   

From on-premises Active Directory and Exchange to Microsoft 365 and Azure AD, Cayosoft Administrator provides one unified portal to automate and optimize day-to-day IT tasks without requiring dangerous scripts or complex procedures.  

  • True hybrid administration: provisioning, group management, delegation and more
  • License management and cost optimization 
  • Visibility across hybrid environments 
  • Enterprise scalability with no agents required

“Cayosoft Administrator is our one-stop shop for anything we need to do with a particular user, from provisioning to mailboxes to licenses.  There is a major ROI in having it.”       Donald Donais, Enterprise Collaboration Manager (read full customer story) 

Enterprise-Ready Security and Protection

Cayosoft Guardian recovers and protects Azure Active Directory and hybrid AD data. With Guardian monitoring all directory changes, administrators can quickly see, understand and rollback mistakes or malicious changes across their entire hybrid AD environment. 

  • Isolate Suspect Changes & Immediately Rollback 
  • Single Hybrid Solution 
  • Hybrid Change Alerting 
  • Move Beyond Recycle Bins 

“Cayosoft Guardian clearly delivers on its promises.  Its continuing monitoring and protection of on-premises and/or Azure Active Directories guarantees that most changes can be rolled back swiftly…without administrators having to go through numerous logs or resort to backup scripts or files.”     

Microsoft MVP Nuno Mota (read full product review


Do you really want the vendor to have access to your Azure tenant and security data? 

Cayosoft, as a vendor, does not require access to your Azure tenant or security data. 

Cayosoft complements not conflicts with technologies you already use! 

  • Office365 Backup Vendors: Cayosoft protects identities in the Azure Active Directory environment 
  • Major Auditing Vendors: Cayosoft helps eliminate issues that may have been uncovered by your auditing solutions 
  • Complements Major Identity Management PlatformsCayosoft helps streamline provisioning, deprovisioning and more 




The Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite is purpose-built for modern Microsoft environments, helping organizations to ensure security and protection, improve efficiency, and  sustain  compliance as they fully transition to Microsoft 365 and Azure AD.   

Limited time offer — save on Cayosoft Administrator!

Through Dec 31, 2020, Cayosoft will exchange licenses of CoreView (Formerly 4Ward365) subscription products for a subscription to Cayosoft's modern and secure management solution Cayosoft Administrator on a seat-for-seat basis for less than your current per-user subscription price. Additionally, if there are new licenses needed, talk to use about Cayosoft management and protection at a deeply discounted price. 

Benefits of Replacement:

  • Future proof your management investment
  • Get the benefits of true hybrid management and protection
  • Modernize administration with an innovative platform designed for hybrid and cloud
  • Compatible with Azure AD Connect and Active Directory Federation Services
  • Eliminate the need for additional "add-on" products like Active Directory tools - Cayosoft's focus and enterprise expertise make it the ideal choice for organizations looking to modernize Active Directory, Exchange, Hybrid or Microsoft Office 365 administration

To learn more about how Cayosoft Administrator unifies, simplifies and secures administration across Microsoft on-premises and cloud, contact Cayosoft today for a one-on-one demonstration, visit the product page or setup a free trial.


CoreView Replacement Program Offer Terms

The CoreView Replacement Program offer is valid only for new purchases of Cayosoft Administrator subscription licenses. Only new customers who have never purchased a Cayosoft product previously will be eligible for this offer. This offer is also valid for public sector licenses, and cannot be combined with other promotions or special pricing, hosting licenses, education licenses or internal use licenses. This offer is only available for new licenses and does not apply to prepaid support or any other related support purchases, which will follow typical Cayosoft licensing guidelines. Offer valid through December 31, 2020.

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