Manage and Protect Hybrid Microsoft Environments

Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite
for Your Critical Microsoft Platforms (on-prem, hybrid and cloud)

Ideally, the journey to the cloud would be well planned to minimize disruption while ensuring security and governance. In reality (and a global pandemic), even the most forward-thinking IT teams usually end up with hybrid environments that preserve some traditional on-premises infrastructure as they transition to Microsoft 365.  Unfortunately, legacy Active Directory and Exchange infrastructure does not adapt easily and can become a barrier to adopting Microsoft 365, which comes with its own complexity.

The Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite is purpose-built for modern Microsoft environments, helping organizations to ensure security and protection, improve efficiency, and sustain compliance as they journey to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure AD.

The Suite

  Cayosoft Administrator
Manage and Automate Active Directory and Hybrid AD

Cayosoft Administrator solves AD Management problems with roles and rules designed to provide delegation and control over key day-to-day admin tasks so you can concentrate on keeping AD running as expected.  Administrator’s unique architecture protects AD from insider threats and mistakes and delivers better security, improved efficiency and sustained compliance controls demanded by directory owners, auditors and compliance officers.

Hybrid AD Management
  Office 365 Optimization
Automates Group Management
Password & Group Self-Service

  Cayosoft Guardian
Recover and Protect Azure AD and Hybrid AD

Cayosoft Guardian recovers and protects Azure Active Directory and hybrid AD data. With Guardian monitoring all directory changes, administrators can quickly see, understand and rollback mistakes or malicious changes across their entire hybrid AD environment.  When rollback is needed, Guardian provides an automated recovery plan that does not involve incomplete or time-consuming backup files.

  Immediate Recovery
  Single Hybrid Solution
  Hybrid Change Alerting
  Beyond Recycle Bins


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