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Cayo Administrator 1.1 Released


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Cayo l Administrator™ 1.1 Released

Connecting Hybrid Management in an increasingly disconnected world

COLUMBUS, OHIO October 1st, 2013 – Cayo Software announced the release of Cayo Administrator a suite of integrated solutions that simplifies and automates modern Active Directory Management in both on-premises and hybrid environments. Cayo Administrator modules are purpose-built to solve critical day-to-day management problems that if left unaddressed can cause serious problems and outages. Cayo Administrator is unique in that it is being designed and built with Cloud and Mobile in mind from the beginning unlike other solutions that attempt to “bolt-on” these game changing technologies.

“On the outside, Cayo Administrator may look like a traditional set of Active Directory Management tools, but they are far from traditional.” Said Bob Bobel (Sr. Product Manager for Cayo Software) “Cayo is building an integrated set of solutions that bridge the management of Active Directory and Cloud based applications for improved security, sustained compliance and management efficiency of the Hybrid IT environment,” added Bobel.

Customers who purchase Cayo Administrator will receive the following modules:

Policy Manager™ – IT business rule enforcement for Active Directory to sustain Compliance, Security and Efficiency.

Policy Center™ – Downloadable Business Rules and management scenarios designed to extend the capabilities of Cayo Policy Manager. (Cayo Policy Center is slated to come on-line in mid-Q4 2013)

Suspend™ for Active Directory – Temporary or permanent suspension of Active Directory Users and Groups from directly inside Microsoft’s native tools.

Groups™ for Active Directory – Automated group membership management and advanced membership design. (Cayo Groups is slated for release mid-Q4 2013)

“In many cases customers are not willing to adopt Cloud technologies because they represent disconnected islands of identity and management. While cloud offers flexibility and a possible release from physical hardware management, the day-to-day administration of Hybrid (mixed Cloud and on-premises) infrastructure is in its infancy,” says Bobel, “Using a Cloud application is a difficult choice for customers who have spent years investing and streamlining management of their on-premises infrastructure. By unifying the side-by-side management of hybrid systems, Cayo simplifies management improving the value proposition and reducing security concerns that a hybrid IT infrastructure brings.”

All modules of Cayo Administrator have fully functioning 25 day trial licenses so potential customers can try the products for themselves. After the free trial, subscription, perpetual and freeware licenses are available.

For more information visit the Cayo Administrator Product Page at


About Cayo Software, LLC
Cayo | Software, empowers Administrators with modern solutions that simplify and enhance the management of your organization’s Islands of Identity starting with Microsoft’s Active Directory. Unlike legacy Identity Management that pre-dates Cloud & Mobile initiatives, Cayo Software’s solutions are designed with cloud, mobile, compliance, security and efficiency in mind.


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