Cayosoft Introduces Cayosoft Administrator v5, the first solution to manage IT’s entire Microsoft cloud journey

March 22nd, 2018 – IT systems management software company Cayosoft announced today the availability of Cayosoft Administrator™ v5, the first solution to support Microsoft customers during their entire cloud journey from on-premises to hybrid to public or private cloud. v5 now delivers a set of Office 365 Management tools for customers that do not need [...]

Azure Migrate Service Makes VM Migrations Easier

Azure Migrate Service Makes VM Migrations Easier

Migration Insight – Making VM Migrations Easier Over time, even the best-organized environment can become a mess of tangled interdependencies, multi-tier applications of difficult-to-determine sizes tied together in ways that probably made sense at the time. In planning to move to the cloud, figuring out how to transplant these idiosyncratic virtual machines (VMs) into the cloud can seem an impossible—and expensive—question.  [...]

What is the difference between Enabling and Enforcing MFA

What is the difference between Enabling and Enforcing MFA Enabled Azure Multi-Factor Authentication by changing user states This is the traditional approach for requiring two-step verification. All users that you enable perform two-step verification every time they sign in. Enabling a user overrides any conditional access policies that might affect that user. The user has been [...]

What’s Happening and What’s Important in 2018’s Cloud

What's Happening and What's Important in 2018's Cloud

Azure, AWS Fight Continues Data from 2017’s Q4 showed Microsoft’s Azure beginning to catch up to Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) in the still-booming cloud market.  Cloud infrastructure management company RightScale’s “2018 State of the Cloud Report,” has recently delivered additional, intriguing data on the implications of this trend in 2018’s cloud. RightScale surveyed nearly a thousand technical professionals in IT, in both large [...]

Considering Hybrid? Start Here

Considering Hybrid? Start Here

How to Hybrid In some far-off future, we might all live in the cloud. But keeping one foot on the ground—so to speak—is going to be the most practical and possible solution for most enterprises for some time to come. This hybrid concept is nothing new, but adoption continues to grow enormously everywhere.  In an authoritative article for Petri, Michael Otey lays out some of the major benefits and [...]

Microsoft’s Cloud Surges Forward into 2018

The Cloud Boom Continues A full three quarters ahead of its goal, Microsoft’s commercial cloud business hit $20 billion in annualized revenue. For almost a year now, it’s been generating more revenue from subscriptions to Azure and Office 365 than from traditional on-premise licenses, and the proof of that shift is now booming. Year-on-year, Microsoft’s cloud-based revenue has—amazingly—doubled. This boost is reflected [...]

How to remove your last Exchange Server in a Hybrid Deployment

There are challenges to removing the last Exchange Server when you move to Office 365. In order to keep things working properly the synchronization between Active Directory (AD) and Office 365 becomes critical to keeping things running smoothly. Both Azure AD Connect and the predecessor DirSync, solve the problem and both are free. Both solutions however, make changes to [...]