Real-World Use Case: Save Time, Ensure Control in Hybrid Microsoft  

  At Citrus Health Network, a health center organization, the nature of the business means many accounts must be provisioned and deprovisioned every month. Yet with 1200 employees, the company has only four people on the infrastructure team, making efficiency critical. It would require a solution that offers secure delegation.    Secure delegation gives intermediate level users of […]

Cayosoft Guardian v1.4 Now Available!

Cayosoft  today  introduced  the latest  version of  Cayosoft Guardian  to  securely recover and protect Azure Active Directory (AD) and hybrid AD  identities and  data.      Highlights of this latest release include:  Protection for Azure AD Native Admin Units  Protect Azure AD Administrative Units with Cayosoft Guardian. Quickly isolate and rollback malicious or mistaken changes to Administrative Unit membership and scoped […]

Cayosoft Administrator v7.3 is Now Available!

Even with the recent cloud adoption to support remote workers, hybrid Active Directory is still mission critical for most enterprises. From on-prem Active Directory to Office 365, Cayosoft Administrator delivers a single solution to automate, secure and streamline day-to-day IT administration. Administrator simplifies management with role-based delegation, rule-based automation, self-service, Office 365 license optimization and more. Administrator v7.3 includes numerous […]

New Cayosoft Guardian v1.3 Now Available to Recover and Protect Azure Active Directory and Hybrid AD

  Cayosoft today introduced the latest version of Cayosoft Guardian to  recover and protect Azure Active Directory (AD) and hybrid AD  identities and  data.     Highlights of the latest release include:  Change Monitoring and Immediate Rollback for Exchange Mailbox Settings  Backup and manage Exchange online mailbox delegate permissions and settings with Guardian. Quickly isolate and rollback malicious or mistaken changes to Exchange licenses that can impact mailbox metadata including delegation, forwarding and more.     Enhanced Filtering   Filter change history based on time frame, types of event, […]

Cayosoft Guardian “Clearly Delivers on Its Promises;” Gets 4.6/5 Rating From Microsoft MVP

Microsoft MVP Nuno Mota reviewed Cayosoft Guardian, a solution for Azure and hybrid AD recovery and protection.  The review, which includes some useful tips on requirements, step-by-step installation, and product functions, gave Guardian 4.6/5 rating. “Guardian clearly delivers on its promises. Its continuing monitoring and protection of on-premises and/or Azure Active Directories guarantees that most changes can be […]

Cayosoft Administrator v7.2 is Now Available!

Even with all of the recent cloud adoption, on-premises infrastructure still exists. Purpose-built for hybrid environments, Cayosoft Administrator provides management that follows you on the journey to the cloud.   From on-prem to Office 365, Administrator delivers a single  solution  to automate and  streamline day-to-day IT administration.   Administrator simplifies management with role-based delegation, rule-based automation, self-service, Office 365 license optimization and more.   Administrator v7.2 […]

Cayosoft Announces Solution to Recover and Protect Azure Active Directory and Hybrid Active Directory

New solution protects and recovers Azure Active Directory (AD) and hybrid AD  Supplement log-based auditing solutions with a complete view of changes made and the ability to rollback those  changes across both cloud and on-premises AD environments  Key component of the new Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite, purpose-built for hybrid Microsoft environments   Columbus, OH – April 21, 2020 –  Cayosoft, the […]

Announcing Cayosoft Administrator v7

Major New Features in Cayosoft Administrator v7   Since 2013, Cayosoft has become a global independent software vendor that delivers exciting and innovative products that help organizations manage their Microsoft infrastructures throughout their journey from on-premises, to hybrid, to public and private cloud. Today, Cayosoft is excited to announce the release of Cayosoft Administrator v7 with enhancements from configuration to management. Here are a few highlights:  Improved […]

Happy Holidays From Cayosoft 2019

  Wow, 2019 — what a year! So much accomplished to better help our community, so here’s a recap in case you missed anything: From Cayosoft Administrator v5.4.2 to v6.4. Becoming a trusted source of industry information with over 50 blog post entries covering topics from general industry news, Microsoft Teams tips, driving Office 365 […]

Cayosoft Announces Release of Cayosoft Administrator v6.3

Cayosoft is excited to announce the release of Cayosoft Administrator v6.3. This new version adds advanced Microsoft Teams Enterprise Managementcapabilities for Hybrid AD and Office 365 Environments. v6.3 extends to Cayosoft’s lead as the best solution for Microsoft Enterprise Management through every step of IT’s Microsoft Cloud Journey. Cayosoft Administrator v6.3 solves the Microsoft Teams Management […]