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Make Administration of Office 365 & Active Directory easy with Cayosoft Administrator, the only product of its kind. Cayosoft Administrator’s Active Directory Management Tools are purpose-built to solve critical administrative issues that jeopardize security, compliance & efficiency goals. Unlike legacy solutions, Administrator was designed with Hybrid IT in mind – not as an after thought. As organizations add cloud solutions, complex islands of administration are created making admins and help desk struggle to keep the environment secure, compliant and efficient.

Simplify Office 365 & Active Directory Management

Simplify Automate Active Directory Administration

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Active Directory  |  Exchange  |  Office 365

Account Provisioning

  • Create from HR/ERP/SIS data
  • Inactive Account Remediation
  • Sustain SOX, PCI, HIPAA Compliance
  • Eliminate manual-error-prone operations

Group Management

  • Automatically keep groups up-to-date
  • Select members with multiple rules
  • Enforce Separation of Duty (SoD)
  • Eliminate error-prone, manual operations

True Hybrid Administration

  • Provision AD, Exchange and Office 365
  • Integrates with Microsoft DirSync
  • Office 365 License Management
  • Pre-Migration/Sync Preparation

Office 365 Licensing

  • Granular License Enforcement
  • Assign to AD or Office 365 Users
  • Compliance & billing reporting
  • Alert on low-license availability

Modern Administration

  • Single console administration
  • Rules for strict command & control
  • Automatic remediation of problems
  • Optimize Account and License Usage

User Self-Service

  • Web based Changed Password
  • Password Reset & Unlock
  • Group Management
  • Contractor Account Over-site

 Visibility & Reporting

  • Real-time or Scheduled
  • Simple & Secure
  • Hybrid ready
  • Reports where and when needed
  • Free for any sized organization

Active Directory Cleanup

  • Clean-up Inactive Users & Groups
  • Resolve Group Problems
  • Prepare for DirSync/AD Connect
  • Prevent New  Issues with Rules
  • Sustain Security & Compliance

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Why Cayosoft AdministratorPlatform FeaturesSystem RequirementsLicensingFree Tools

Why Cayosoft Administrator

The Challenge – Relying on memory, potentially error prone manual procedures or downloading and running suspicious and possibly dangerous scripts is no way to run your IT business. Cayosoft Administrator unifies your hybrid environment under a single console and provides the IT controls demanded by auditors and compliance officers. Cloud and Mobile have also made day-to-day administration and adherence to IT Business Practices more complex and costly. The slew of separate administrative interfaces (or sometimes there are no administrative interfaces) means jumping between disconnected islands of administration that takes more time, increases errors and costs while reducing Admin Productivity.

The Solution – Cayosoft Administrator solves these problems with pre-built rules designed to efficiently perform key administrative tasks so you can concentrate on the more important aspects of IT. Cayosoft Administrator provides the missing layer of automated administration and IT rule enforcement for Active Directory (AD), Exchange, Microsoft Hybrids and Office 365. Demanded by compliance officers, auditors, security admins and busy day-to-day administrators, Administrator  helps sustain security, compliance and efficiency twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Role and Rule Based Administration
Automate without Complex Workflow or Scripts
Enforce IT Policies with Business Rules
Download New Functionality
Bulk Administration
Email Notifications
Real-time Visibility & Basic Reporting
Obsolete Object Retention Policy Enforcement
Software Requirements
Service Account Requirements
Hardware Requirements
How many licenses do I need?
Subscription vs. Perpetual Licensing
Standard or Premium Support
Access to New Features Included with License

FREE Visibility & Reporting

  • Real-time or Scheduled
  • Simple & Secure
  • Hybrid ready
  • Reports where and when needed
  • Free for any sized organization

FREE Office 365 Tools

  • Use Administrator for Office 365 for FREE!
  • Complete the 25-day free full-trial and continue in Freeware mode
  • Full Product for organization < 200 users, FREE

FREE Active Directory Tools

  • Use Administrator for AD for FREE!
  • After the 25-day free full-trial, continue in Freeware mode
  • Full Product for organization < 200 users, FREE

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