Proactive IT requires Active Directory Best Practices

Active Directory Best PracticesThe Problem: Best Practice Failure. The best way to avoid problems is to make sure the conditions that cause them are quickly identified and resolved or never allowed to occur in the first place. Identifying, resolving and preventing issues require constant attention and is ideally suited for automation. Unfortunately, native tools provide no automation and scripted solutions are often poorly written, miss critical functionality or are time consuming to support and maintain. The result is that Administrators and Help Desk Staff are forced to perform repetitive, time consuming and error-prone tasks that often cause more problems than they solve.

Admin Assistant for Active Directory automates critical day-to-day operations and provides on-going rule enforcement preventing issues before they become problems or outages. Admin Assistant comes with pre-defined scenarios that automate difficult and time consuming tasks such as Bulk Management, AD Cleanup and Best Practices Enforcement. Unlike scripting or manual efforts, each scenario can be quickly and easily configured with point-and-click accuracy. The Policy Manager engine was specifically designed to work beyond Active Directory in modern Hybrid IT environments. You may not be using a Cloud application like Office 365 or Google Apps today, but the chances are you will be in the future. The Policy Manager engine is built to provide a single interface to let you automate and maintain all your critical systems.

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Active Directory Best Practices


Active Directory Best Practice Requirements:

  • Automate critical AD Operations
  • Proactively notify administrators or help desk when issues are identified
  • Scheduled import of HR for Bulk Provisioning
  • Eliminate unnecessary AD objects to improve security and manageability
  • Monitor for Best Practice Violations and optionally resolve them
  • Simple & Affordable

Admin Assistant Policy Center – In addition to the built-in scenarios additional scenarios can be downloaded from the Admin Assistant Policy Center. The Policy Center organizes additional scenarios that can be downloaded, installed and immediately put to work. Unlike other solutions on the market, Cayosoft Admin Assistant is built to be extensible so new policies can be created and distributed to our customers.

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