Offer Details: Free Cayosoft Subscription

Free Cayosoft Subscription Offer

At Cayosoft, we understand the level of hard work and dedication today’s IT environments require. To show our commitment to the IT Pro Community we are offering a NFR (Not for Resale) Subscription to our Active Directory, Office 365 & Hybrid Systems Management Solutions. Unlike other vendors that offer “FREE TOOLS” that are crippled or functionally limited; our offer is for 100% functional versions of our solutions. Unlike other vendors that offer “FREE TOOLS” that are crippled or functionally limited; our offer is for a 100% functional version of our management and reporting products.

How to Sign-up

  1. Complete the Sign-up Form below.
  2. Confirm your Cayosoft account by logging into the web site then download and Install the Cayosoft Administrator Console.
    Download Cayosoft Administrator Console here
  3. After we confirm your registration, you will receive a Welcome E-mail with your keys attached.

Sign-up Form

  • To help us understand the size of your envionment, please enter the number of enabled Active Directory User Accounts in your organizations's domains.

*NOTE: This offer has been replaced by a free subscription to the Cayosoft Active Directory Freeware Tools.

Offer Details, Terms, and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

IT Pro Subscription License Details

The IT Pro Offer Subscription License is a fully functioning Not-For-Resale (NFR) license which means you can use it for yourself or for your organization, but you can’t transfer the license to someone else or sell it. The key is a 200 user subscription license that will expire at the end of each year at which point you will automatically receive a new Subscription License.

What is included

Products currently included in the subscription:

  • Cayosoft Administrator Suite

IT Pro Subscription Expiration

Subscriptions expire and may automatically renewed at the end of each calendar year. Renewal is an automated process done by email so it is important to keep your email address current.

IT Pro Support

Standard NFR Support is provided as part of our IT Pro Offer program. Standard NFR Support entitles the license holder to online & email based support and the opportunity to open a support ticket when directed by our support staff.

Offer expires shortly, void where prohibited by law.